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PVD Coating is the military standard coating for firearms. It provides high wear resistance and reduces the need for lubrication of steel and titanium. PVD coating lowers the friction of moving parts to ensure reliable function and prevent jamming. It also reduces oxidation as well as abrasion from dust, dirt, and sand. 

Available Colors 

  • TiN - Shield 29 (Gold) 

  • TiCN - Shield 35 (Lavender Gray)

  • ZrN - Shelid 47 (Light Gold)

  • CrN - Shield 31 (Bright Silver)

  • TiAlN - Shield 42 (Silver Black)

  • AlTiN - Shield 42X (Silver Gray)

  • TiCN Plus - Shield 35x (Copper)

Coatable Parts 

Barrels / Bolt carriers / Frames / Hammers

Magazines / Muzzle brakes / Revolver cylinders

Sears / Sights / Slides / Triggers

PVD Coating Benefits 

TiN PVD Coating Gun
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